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Mr and Mrs Wright went into and IVA 2years ago because they had overcommitted themselves with credit card/loans etc, their IVA was successful and paid a monthly payment of 753 per month to the IVA supervising company to distribute between the creditors. After some negotiation the creditors said they would accept 10,000 in full and final settlement and remove the restriction on their property and discharge they IVA. We successfully processed a secured loan and repaid the IVA, the clients new monthly payment is 193.53 over a 9 year period, reducing their monthly commitments by 560. They said they are so relieved to having the burden of an IVA lifted and to have so much more disposable income for the family.

Mr Stevenson a high net worth individual with a house valued at 6.6 million and a mortgage of 1 million needed a secured loan for business investment of 1.9 million interest only over a 15 month period with the interested rolled up. We organised a secured loan/2nd charge bridge on this basis and completed within 10 working days at a rate of 0.85% per month with no exit fee, he said he would not have known what to do without our expert knowledge of the industry & speedy process, he had tried his bank which held his current account and they would not help him even though he had banked with them for 20 years!

Mr Walker had been offered a house valued at 4 million for 3.5 million providing he completed within 2 weeks, we organised a bridging loan at a rate of 0.85% per month for a 6 month period for 2.45 million with no exit fee. His exit route was to repay the advance from the proceeds of monies he had inherited, which he could not have access to for at least 3 months due to the his solicitor still dealing with probate. We arranged a 6 month period, just in case it took a little longer than the 3 month period and explained and interested rolled up would be rebated if he was ready to redeem in 3 months. He said the service he received was very professional and received an immediate response to any query raised during the process.

Mr Hamilton owns a Limited company which holds a portfolio of buy to let properties, he needed to purchase a buy to let property in a Limited company name and this seemed to be causing problems with his existing lender, because since the credit crunch they would no longer fund a buy to let in a Limited company name, we arranged a buy to let in the Limited company name at a rate of Libor plus 4.15% and completed within 4 weeks. He said the process was painless and he achieved his goal and would recommend us to others.

Mr Saiful owned 4 properties in the name of his off shore company, the property is in a prime part of London. His current bank holds a charge on the properties for 2 million, the total value of the properties is 7 million, his bank have called in their facility and demanded their money back, although they have never missed a payment. We arranged a 3 year medium term bridge at a rate of 6.99% and redeemed the 2 million first charge on the properties. He said he was very relieved as most companies he had approached did not know how to deal with an off shore company deal & he is happy to have the bank off his back.

Mr Hilton owns a Tapas bar valued at 300,000, the property is fully commercial and has a current facility of 120,000 with his existing bank. Although the business has a good net profit the bank wanted to recall their facility of 120,000. We arranged a commercial mortgage for 150,000 to redeem the banks facility and 30,000 for further business investment we processed a part capital/part interest mortgage over a term of 25 years at a rate of Libor plus 5.25%, the advance took 5 weeks to complete and Mr Hilton says he is very pleased with the outcome.

Mr & Mrs Slyper needed a buy to let mortgage of 150,000 on a property valued at 400,000 we arranged a 1 year tracker and offered the mortgage within a week at a rate of 3.99% Mr & Mrs Slyper said this was a very painless procedure and thanked us for our professional approach from start to finish.

Mr Holland bought a piece of land with a view to develop a house to let, he required 120k to develop the property which would command a 'Gross development value' of 500k, he intended to sale the property and provided planning permission and a brief scenario of his intentions. He had developed 5 other small projects and had always been funded by his bank, but due to the credit crunch they were not keen to lend, even though he has a good track record and was experienced in this sector. He also provided a letter from 3 estate agents who confirmed the property would command a selling price of 500k. We organised a development finance loan and he said he was relieved and pleased with the result.

Please think carefully about securing loans or debts against your home or property. Your home or property may be at risk of repossession if you do not keep up the repayments on a loan/mortgage or any other debt secured against it.